Vital Records

. . . is a record label specializing in high-quality recordings of new and traditional Balinese music. I created it in 1996, having just returned from Bali with a treasure trove of digital recordings, agreements with the artists to release them, and a desire to share world-class gamelan performances with a wider audience.

The most recent releases are Gamelan Joged (VR660), features the musicians of the Dharma Kanti ensemble from the village of Beluangan (Perean Kangin); and Gamelan Angklung (VR601), featuring the musicians of Sekaa Angklung Gita Kencana, in the banjar or hamlet of Beluran, (Kerobokan). Both are part of a Historical Recording Series, made more then twenty years ago but only recently released.

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Joged CD - cover (small)